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Violin Lessons for Beginners through Advanced in New York

I am a violin teacher with over 10 years experience in teaching violin lessons to beginners through advanced My Violin Classes are for all ages and levels 5 to 75. My method for beginners in violin is to make sure that they have a solid foundation in the fundamental skills of violin playing, I stress the importance of physical coordination such as, holding the violin & violin bow and relaxation.while I provide an excellent musical foundation by incorporating ear training, and a progression of pieces that enable the student to progress as a musician as well as violinist. Every student is different so I tailor my Violin Classes to suit the individual needs of the students. For Children learning the violin it is essential to keep them motivated, interested & make sure they are having fun. It is also important that parents participate by listening to music with their children and overseeing their practice routine. Learning to play a musical instrument is very rewarding, no matter what your specific goals are it enriches your life while also expanding your learning abilities in other areas. I like using the Suzuki books due to the fact that they are well ordered and have a very good progression of pieces, but I also incorporate other schools of violin teaching such as the Leopold Auer School of Violin playing.

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For Adults wishing to learn the violin I believe strongly that one can learn an instrument at any age provided they have the proper guidance as well as enthusiasm. I started as an adult beginner on piano as as ell as pretty late on violin, so I am aware of the difficulties as well as advantages for Adult beginners. My Adult beginner students have done very well, and I have learned much from teaching this growing population in music.

When teaching advanced students it is important to make sure they have the proper training to tackle difficult pieces. I was very fortunate to study Violin with Heifetz top protege Erick Friedman. Who's knowledge of the Violin was second to no one. He imbued the importance of relaxation, the use of certain bow arm exercises employed by Master Violinist for producing and even full & rich tone. He believed strongly in what he called the Belcanto school of violin playing. My Lessons are designed to teach the Violin as a singing instrument to make a beautiful sound and play with true intonation.. I stress "The Leopold Auer School Of Violin Playing" which emphasized relaxation, scales & etudes for developing left hand facility & muscle memory. Scales are our musical alphabet and it is essential for violinist to know their scales. One must master their technique but not just be a technician it is important to be musical and play with real emotion, other wise the most important aspect of this beautiful language is lost.

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Allowing a student to express themselves is essential to their growth. one must never stifle this. Many times I will ask my students to sing what they are playing. The Violin is an imitation of the singing voice I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that loved opera, Opera was a huge part of my life. My Violin teacher was an opera buff and talked much about singers that he loved. I have learned so much from all my students. My advanced students have really kept me on my toes. I really enjoy teaching and hope to keep improving as a teacher.Although the road to learning the violin is a long one, and you should be ready for the discipline it takes to practice difficult techniques every day. The violin is one of the most rewarding and beautiful instruments to play when mastered. It is truly the King Of Instruments.

I offer Private Violin Instruction,Group Violin Classes For Beginners through advanced as well as chamber music and performance opportunities.


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